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Passport and Driving Licence Photos

Dundela Pharmacy offer a top quality Photography Service. If you need a photograph taken to apply for or renew a passport, driving licence, disability cards, travelpass, student ID card, or work security pass.

  • Visapassport photo prices
  • Passport
  • Identity Cards
  • Application Forms
  • Evidence of Injuries
  • Disability / Mobility Card

We can also provide mini portraits for Visa Applications and most foreign passports amongst:

  • UK/ EU passport / Visa
  • US, India Visa
  • Australian, Canadian passport/Visa/Citizenship

Even young children / babies are no problem. In fact, child photos are one of our specialities!

Domiciliary service available for housebound customers

There is no need to make an appointment – just call at the Photo Lab and leave the rest to us.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare to have your photograph taken for an official document such as a passport:

  • Sunglasses should not be worn and it is advisable not to wear glasses of any sort
  • Only head coverings worn for religious reasons are usually permitted for official photos, so don’t wear a hat or a headband for example.
  • Covering of facial features is generally not permitted, so keep your hair back from your face.
  • For photographs of children, parents should not hold the infant in their arms and dummies should be removed before the photograph is taken.
  • Keep a neutral expression on your face and try not frown or smile.

Babies / young children photo guideline regulations are a little more relaxed. For example, they can smile, not necessarily be looking at the camera (up to the age of six.)

Young babies up to the age of 1 year may also have their eyes closed. (UK)

From the pharmacist

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