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Our staff


At Dundela Pharmacy our skilled and dedicated staff are our greatest asset and are fully trained to assist and advise you on all your healthcare needs.

delivery_vanWe value our customers’ faith in Dundela Pharmacy as leading healthcare providers within this community. From senior Pharmacists to counter staff, we are all aware of just how privileged we are to be entrusted with private and sometimes sensitive medical information.

You can be assured that you can talk to any member of the Dundela Pharmacy team in total confidence and that they will act in your best interests with sensitivity and discretion at all times.

The relationship between Dundela Pharmacy customers and staff is what our business success has been built on.

So thank you for trusting us — please meet the team!



  • David McCrea
  • Lesa McLoughlin
  • Andrew Foster
    Photo Lab Manager
  • Diane Shaw
    Pharmacy Dispenser
  • Lorna Winsor
    Pharmacy Dispenser
  • Lorna Tedford
    Pharmacy Dispenser
  • Rachael Scott
    Pharmacy Undergraduate
  • Trevor Anderson
  • Sandra Downey
    Sales Assistant
  • Sarah Fleming
    Sales Assistant
  • Zara Jennings
    Sales Assistant
  • Annette Vaughan
    Sales Assistant
  • Karen Carson
    Sales Assistant

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat 9.00am – 5.00pm

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